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Stella Maris Huertas Canén

Stella Maris Huertas Canén is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Master in Animal Health both at the University of the República Oriental del Uruguay. From the beginning of her academic life she specialized in the study of meat quality and later in animal welfare. She is the coordinator of the Animal Welfare Program and Assistant Professor of Biostatistics within the Veterinary Faculty at the same University. Since 2009 Stella is the coordinator for Uruguay of the OIE Collaborating Center in Animal Welfare and Livestock Production Systems, a consortium made of institutions from Chile-Uruguay-Mexico. Stella has been a pioneer in issues related to the welfare of production animals in her country and in the region, and has led important research projects that have contributed to creating knowledge, generating human resources, spreading good practices to all stakeholders, including farmers, farm staff, transporters and personnel of the meat industry. She has authored multiple publications related to animal welfare, silvopastoral systems, and productivity.