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One Welfare

One Wefare Science slaM (OWSM) SESSIONS

Welcome to the first time ever OWSM sessions!

What are the OWSM sessions?

OWSM sessions are Science Slam sessions specific to the One Welfare concept. In these sessions scientists explain their projects in short 8 minute talks ensuring that the content can be understood by non-scientist. The sessions must be presented in an entertaining way.

Why have you launched the OWSM sessions?

One Welfare CIC founder, Dr. Rebeca García Pinillos, would like to help develop and enable tools to communicate what One Welfare is. The OWSM sessions are intended to facilitate dissemination of One Welfare research work and projects to non-scientist to support broader understanding of the concept. 

What are the benefits of presenting my work in an OWSM session?

The OWSM sessions provide you with an opportunity for communication beyond the scientific community. It also helps to develop creativity, innovation and alternative ways of communication around your work. There will also be a prize for the best OWSM session, taking into account the scientific content and entertaining nature of the presentation.

 You are your oyster!! 

How do I create an OWSM session?

You have 8 minutes to explain your project. You can create a brief story around your project from beginning to end, and dress for the occasion! or alternatively you could identify your key message and up to 3 project highlights that you will describe during the session. 

Is there anything I should avoid?

Ensure that the language you use does not include technical words that others outside your research area or profession would not understand. Also, as the focus of OWSM sessions is global you should be mindful and respectful of people, animals and cultural heritage across the world. 

Where can I see some examples of what to aim for?

This is the first time “OWSM sessions” take place at a conference therefore you will be making history! To see some examples, you can have a look at science slam videos online or check out the winners presentation of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture talking about Rocks for Soil and Climate .

Will there be an award session? 

Yes, during the OWSM sessions there will be a public vote for the best presentation, taking into account both content and entertainment factor. There will be two runner up prizes of 250 USD and the most awesome one will get an award of 1000 USD. (Award sponsored by MSD).