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Theme 2

Perceptions on the replacement of working equids by mechanised vehicles in ColombiaJessica Burridge, University of Nottingham

Control of animal populations Experience "Control outdoor cats in Bogotá”Jose Alexander Estepa Becerra, Uniagraria 
Perception of Hunters about their activity and social relational environment in Catalunya, Spain. Tatiana Vigo Cerqueda
Universidad de Barcelona

Theme 3

Global health risks of compromised farm animal welfare.Cynthia Schuck-Paim, Welfare Footprint project, Murcia
Welfare assessment in broilers carried out by public health veterinarians in Extremadura: 6 years of experience.Arturo González Puértolas, Extremadura Health Service
Food system change as a crucial element to achieve One Welfare.Dr. Stephany, Martina, Four Paws
The impact of animal nutrition on animal welfare, the ecosystem and human wellbeingDaniela Haager, Four Paws international
The use of saliva for the assessment of stress, health and welfare: a sialochemistry approach.M.D. Contreras Aguilar, University of Murcia
Animal Welfare Standards in Scottish Abattoirs.Giuseppe Ragona, Food Standards Scotland, Aberdeen, UK
Changes in insulin in saliva of sows at gestation and lactation.Alba Ortín-Bustillo, University of Murcia

Theme 4

Development of a Pilot Human-canine Ethogram for an Animal-assisted Education Programme in Primary Schools.C.Y. Lee, The University of Hong Kong
The Mechanism of Animal Assisted Humane Education: Longitudinal Case study of CARing Kids in Hong Kong. Tsz Kin, Ngai, Joe, The University of Hong Kong
The effects of environmental enrichment on the behaviour of rabbits involved in rabbit-assisted interventions (La Città degli Asini, Italy).L. Montagna, University of Padua

Theme 6

Making the case for animal health and welfare in the One Health narrative. Ellie Parravani, Brooke Action for Horses and Donkeys, London 
Impact of Covid-19 safety protocols on the wellbeing of 15 dogs involved in animal-assisted interventions (Flanders, Belgium). L.L. Meers, BIAAT Foundation 
Impact of COVID-19 on working equids and their owners in Colombia.Jessica Burridge, University of Nottingham
A study of the consequences of French lockdowns during CoViD19 crisis on the welfare of pets, pet owners and veterinarians.Denise Remy, University of Lyon