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Maria Climent

Maria Climent, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, works as a lecturer in the Anatomy, Embryology and Animal Genetics Department at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Zaragoza, Spain, where, in addition to her teaching labor, she carries out a health activity in the field of neurology. PhD in Biomedicine since 2011, she has scientific publications, mainly in the field of developmental biology (stem cells, pre- and postimplantational embryonic development and placenta). She currently belongs to the research group Placental pathophysiology and fetal programming group (Aragonese Institute of Health) formed by 12 researchers from the Lozano Blesa Clinical Hospital, the Biomedical Research Centre of Aragon (CIBA) and her Department.

Besides, since 2005, after obtaining her degree as an Expert in Equine-assisted Therapy (Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Complutense de Madrid), she first worked as head of equine-assisted therapy at the Nosotros Solos Association (2005-2012; Zaragoza), and from 2016 to date, she has been the President of the Equicentro Terapias Ecuestres Association (Villamayor de Gállego;

In collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences (Universidad de Zaragoza), she has developed practical training, courses and a final degree work in the field of equestrian therapies and is currently involved in the design of studies on animal welfare in equestrian therapies and equine-assisted therapy.