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One Welfare

One Welfare is a concept that describes the interconnection between animal welfare, human wellbeing and their physical and social environment


The One Welfare Framework encompasses five distinct sections that aim to bring together professionals of different disciplines for the benefit of animal welfare, human wellbeing, the environment, and overall, our society and the world we live in. You can read further about the One Welfare Framework here


About One Welfare CIC

One Welfare CIC is a nonprofit community interest company set up in 2018 with the purpose of promotion, education, research and dissemination of the concept of One Welfare. 

The organisation’s stakeholders are all of those working on animal welfare, human wellbeing, environmental, conservation, biodiversity or global objectives related to the sustainable development goals with elements comprising any of those. They include academia, NGOs, civil society organisations, governments and global organisations.

There are currently 3 main projects, One Welfare Phoenix, exploring the interconnection between animal and human abuse in relation to their environment; One Welfare Learning, supporting the inclusion of One Welfare in Academia and One Welfare Silkworm, designed to support the sustainable development goals and global trade. 

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