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Evelyn Segredo

Evelyn is a Family and Community Health Resident Doctor currently working in the public health system in Uruguay, training on global health problems, and undergoing several social and community projects in suburbs where poverty, human and animal violence are frequent issues.

She is also a veterinary student, enrolled in the University of the Republic of Uruguay, and has recently ended her Masters degree on Animal Welfare, graduating from the Veterinary Faculty, Buenos Aires University (UBA), Argentina. Her main line of research is how dog population management and dog bites impact on Public health issues.

As a member of an Antrozoology research group in Uruguay, she has recently extended her work with the University of Flores, Argentina, creating new approaches on Human - Animal interaction in the region. 

In reference to public policies and project designing, her past work includes assessing the national government of Uruguay, through dog population management consultancies, and recently working as an independent consultant for World Animal Protection on rabies management in Latin - America.

Evelyn is also a member of the One Health – One Welfare Latin - American (OHLA) network, collaborative and research group, assessing on different human, animal and environmental issues in the region.