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Bas Rodenburg is Professor in Animal Welfare at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Utrecht University in The Netherlands. He is also Special Professor in Animal Welfare at Wageningen University. He coordinates research and education in animal welfare. The research of Bas Rodenburg aims at improving the methodology for assessment of animal welfare. This also focuses on the use of sensors to monitor behaviour and welfare of individual animals housed in social groups. In his own work, Rodenburg advertises the OneWelfare approach in the context of farm animal production to ensure that animal welfare receives appropriate attention in the development of sustainable animal production systems. Bas Rodenburg is Senior Vice President of the International Society for Applied Ethology and involved in European projects such as FreeBirds, ChickenStress en PPILOW. PPILOW focuses on measuring and improving welfare of pigs and poultry in organic and low input systems. This project also uses the OneWelfare framework as the basis for the sustainability analysis within the project ( Rodenburg is a member of the editorial boards of Frontiers in Veterinary Science and Animal Welfare.